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July 10, 2006



Orac has responded:


I frequent the blog you linked to and I have not witnessed myself any mission to discredit the link between autism and mercury. What I have noticed is the blogger showing how "sound" and "rational" science show there is no linkage between the two. And how recent studies show the same.

John Wills Lloyd, Ph.D.

Mr. Fox, I encourage you to read Judge Beaty's memorandum. It's available at


for public review.


Those who don’t acknowledge some sort of vaccine-autism connection, in my opinion, is turning a blind eye. There is circumstantial, anecdotal and scientific evidence linking vaccinations to autism and other developmental disorders. There is also a lot of evidence suggesting that themerisol may not be the harming agent. Many vaccines contain ingredients such as formaldehyde, aluminum phosphate, phenols, aluminum salts and methanol---all toxic substances….something to think about.

US Study Supports Claim of MMR Link to Autism

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