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June 29, 2006


martin kennedy

I am an economist at Middle Tn state and the father of an autistic boy. The costs of litigation is a hidden cost. In other words, it is not included in the cost data under "how much is costs to educate a special needs child", yet it surely is a cost associated with educating such children. The opportunity cost is staggering. Think of the myriad alternative uses for this money. I am very interested in getting data on how much districts and states spend on litigation. Can anyone help me out?

Amy Cederbaum

I got so fired up reading this article as well as the rest of your blog I went to Stanley Greenspan's posting Special Education Agenda on his blog http://stanleyigreenspan.blogspot.com/2004/06/agenda-for-special-education.html and commented basically wondering why the Baltimore School Board can't invest in his ideas rather than the cost of litigation.

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