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May 01, 2006


Terri Mauro

Wow, that's unbelievable that school staff would try to minimize this. I've generally seen cutting described as a pretty strong sign of depression and despair. I just finished reading "My Kind of Sad: What It's Like to Be Young and Depressed" by Kate Scowen, and there's a good section on cutting there. She describes it as the only way some kids can express the kind of pain they're feeling, and compares it to letting out a scream through the skin. "Will's Choice" by Gail Griffith also has some first-person accounts by a girl cutter on why she did it. Fashion doesn't figure in.



Wonder why it's a sure ticket to disability entitlement under SSA.

Because it's a SERIOUS MENTAL ILLNESS called SIB!

Hello school districts! How deep can your head go in the sand! All the way to hades!

Ron Hunter

I agree that cutting is a serious problem; however, I did talk to a psychiatrist who confirms that "cutting" seems to be somewhat a vogue of late. This psychiatrist indicated that while it is a problem, they do factor in the peer influence issues.


Hello. I have been a " cutter " since I was 12 years old. I'm 26 now, true there is skin art that is cutting pictures or designs in to the skin, that are perminent. Almost like tatooing, but its cut in insyead. So i see where the fasion part comes in on this thread.... I don't cut because its fasion, I cut because it is a release with out talking about it. Talking only works for a few people out there. As far as my self and MANY others out there talking about what's bugg'n us really does'nt help AT ALL !! We have been thought too much and have some how lived this long to use cutting as a means of coping. People that don't understand will of course write things like this instead of trying to understand us. We don't intend to hurt no one else. Just our selves, so at times groups of us will get together and cut our selves and some times eachother, after making sure we are all clean od blood born illnesses. That is the only time we ever do anything like that to another.
So in short, it's not a mental illness, its more of a way of helping our selves out of our hurt and problems !!


I was a self-mutulator as a teenager and no one knew. This was about 30 years ago and this disorder was not recognized at the time. I became a victim of violent crime 4 years ago and started it up again in ernest despite a crime victim therapist and pychiatrist and various meds. I ended up cutting myself bad enough for 29 stitches. Thankfully I had people to help me through this and the suicide tendencies that came after. I remember cutting - I didn't think I was stressed at the time. Actually I felt very good. It was a beautiful day and I was happy and suddenly thought that this would even make it better. I never felt any pain when I did it or after. I remember thinking at the time that it was odd, but because it didn't hurt I kept doing it. I had obsessed about seeing the blood for a long time. the blood represented the pressure, the pain, and seeing it flow gave me the feeling that the pain was flowing away with it. I was disappointed when it started to clot and when emergency people came and wouldn't let me do it again. I am a professional and highly successful middle-aged (47) woman and though it's been a couple years and I am, due to behavior modification, able to deal with the other symptoms, this one remains. I see it the same as alcoholism and other drug addictions. It makes you feel better, relieves pressure. I imagine even if you feel pain (which I never did - despite the amount of stitches needed), the relief felt is something you cannot, at the time, get elsewhere. Anyone doing this please understand. the people out there who know about this can save your life. Just give them a chance whether you believe them or not ( I didn't believe them either - I just ended up taking their word for it until I was better and able to see it for myself). You are not helping yourself but they can. Please, give them a chance. I still feel the compulsion, but like being addicted to alcohol (which is another problem of mine), it is something I can work with, with the help of others - professionals, counselors, therapists, doctors, who do not judge, but simply are there to help. Pick up the phone. Call a hotline. Please.

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