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May 29, 2006



you know he DID apologize for his statement, right?

Mark Fuller

This Guy Ron Chin is a BIG TIME Loser!!!!
It is ignorant losers like Ron Chin who can't see the potential in any child but more so Children with Downs syndrome like any child have great potential if given the chance. Ignorant Teachers like Ron Chin ought to be fired for discrimination and taken out back and beat the hell out of them. The released to the dogs but they to might spit him out no worth waisting time with losers like Ron Chin

Mark Fuller

Mark Fuller

I could care less that he apologized the loser should never had made the comment in the first place.

What else is this loser doing to kids and further more what is he teaching these kids. If he can discriminate children with disabilities what is he teaching the children of today to hate or to segregate. Teachers shape minds and have a great influence on the development if children's minsds on how they view the world. He should not be in the position to teach his lousy values to young minds

He should be fired like I said.

Mark Fuller

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