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April 10, 2006


Sherry Hollis

I have heard some parents say that the wrong things they have found in protocols were not 'mistakes' at all. Some parents have actually found tests where only the parts were given to the child that would show the strengths and not the weaknesses, so as to try and prove the child had no problems so the school wouldn't have to help; some parents have seen their child test protocols not completed, some had written notes by the psych stating the childs problems, but this same psych denied these problems to determine eligibility.
So many times schools will tell parents that the protocols HAVE to be destroyed after the testing is completed. I am so sick of schools always having the upper hand and most parents not knowing their rights, or not even knowing their rights even exist, or not knowing HOW to find out about their rights. When a parents requests an eval to be done, schools are suppose to give them a copy of 'parents rights' when they sign consent form. This parents rights copy will inform parents of the laws. But I have heard so many times that schools do not give this to parents.

Illinois Drug Treatment

Capping years of effort by addiction policy advocates and their allies at the statehouse, Massachusetts enacted legislation last week requiring the state's private health insurers to provide unlimited coverage for medically necessary treatment of substance use disorders and other mental health conditions.


School Psych

As a school psychologist I always make it a practice to offer xerox copies of any protocols. I offer originals for viewing, but give copies to walk out of the room as I've had parents alter protocols and claim malfeasance. I would say that parents and district staff alike have a reason to be cautious.


If a parent asks that a student be tested for special education, does the school, by law, have to provide it?

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