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April 24, 2006


Sandy Alperstein

I just loved this! Very clever! Thanks for the laughs on a Monday morning!

Daunna Minnich

Oo-la-la!  Très chic!  Merci. Your fashion advice is inspiring, Lori.

In the spirit of understated jewelry, I have decided I will trade in my faux pearls for a faux smile, which I will paste on my face for the grand reunion of the IEP team. Shall I wear blood-red lipstick, or would that be too overstated?

Indeed, bigger bags are a practical fashion must. In my bag will be an earth-tone plastic garbage bag, with the bottom edge slit open so that I can slip it on quickly when the mud-slinging comes my way. I prefer the kind with a drawstring, which can do double-duty as a floppy bow at the neckline. If I'm in a particularly good mood, I might bring extras for the other team members, and naturally, I will help them pull their drawstrings tight...

Alas!  I wish I could afford the luxury of a special education attorney as an accessory to make the perfect statement. Instead, I will have to make my own statement, which I will do nonverbally, by means of a little color-coordinated spittoon.

Diatribe aside, I have to say most of the folks at my IEPs are nice people who come as spectators and not mudslingers.  Usually it is the intractable junior gatekeepers, with general but limited knowledge of disability, resources, and the law, who make me want to remove the darts from my clothing and fling them across the table.

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