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March 16, 2006



Mandi...placing a 20-year-old into a first grade classroom is just about as close to inclusion as placing a 1st grader into a classroom of 20-year-olds. That is NOT inclusion...you obviously have no idea


Does anyone have any information about parent rights or court findings that discuss basic rights of the child with special needs relating to not having a special ed class for kids labeled mild to moderate, so they are all in one class with severely impacted kids? My little boy (and 3 other classmates) has now started using profanity because there is a boy with echoalia in his class that says "_____ you" repeatedly thoughout the day. Cognitively, my son is about 3-4 yrs and doesn't understand what he's saying but I think his classroom placement needs to be looked at when he is developing behavior that is socially unacceptable and maladaptive. Any thoughts on what to do?

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