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March 15, 2006


Perry A. Zirkel

For individuals interested in response to intervention (RTI) and the larger legal question of specific learning disability, here are two new, relatively inexpensive monographs:

PERRY ZIRKEL, THE LEGAL MEANING OF SPECIFIC LEARNING DISABILITY FOR SPECIAL EDUCATION ELIGIBILITY (2006) - available from the Council for Exceptional Children (tel. 800/224-68309 or www.cec.sped.org)

GEORGE BATSCHE ET AL., RESPONSE TO INTERVENTION: POLICY CONSIDERATIONS AND IMPLEMENTATION (2005) - available from the National Ass’n of State Directors of Special Education (tel. 703/519-3800 or www.nasdse.org)


Wow, I really like your blog. Lots of good info. I thought I was all alone way out west in the great state of Texas. Good to know I am not, and encouraging. Thanks!

dan baker

Some free ieps's you can copy and paste from my site. www.iep4u.com/math.htm
free quizzes and some links at www.iep4u.com


I am a teacher at a school where a certain teacher views an IEP as a suggestion rather than the law. Can you guide me specifically to web sites that addresses this type of behavior? Also, what does ESY and FAPE stand for?


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