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March 03, 2006


Rachel Norton

I am in San Francisco, Nanette Asimov's home base, and despite a stated plan by SFUSD to make all schools inclusive by 2002, only about 35 percent of our schools actually "offer" an inclusion program, and the district (under new management since the inclusion goal was created) is wildly backpedaling. Clearly, the problem is widespread. My question to you is this: to your knowledge, have parents in any school district had success with class action suits to redress the kind of segregation you discuss?

Rachel: such suits have been successful. I would contact an attorney from COPAA.org or your local Parent Advocacy Center which if you do not know where that is contact the California Department of Education for the address and telphone. Charlie Fox


I applaud Boston's decision to remain non-inclusive. I have worked in both inclusive and non-inclusive environments. If we are striving to have an average I.Q. of 70 across the spectrum inclusion is a great idea. If we truly want to educate children to 'their' maximum potential we will work with them at their level in a resource room.

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