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March 17, 2006


Sherry Hollis

When in the world is this country going to get some organization, agency or SOMEONE to oversee the special ed process in public schools in the US? Until this happens, schools will continue to think they are an entity unto themselves.

Sue Keller

The now ex-CEO of Baltimore City public schools, Bonnie Copeland, made a comment quoted in the Baltimore Sun to the effect that providing these court-mandated services to special ed. students would take money/resources away from the other students. How's that for sensitivity? Being prejudiced against kids with disabilities is apparently so ingrained a part of the American experience that Ms. Copeland didn't notice her internal censor cueing her to feel shame for uttering such blatant animosity.

All together now: if you can't complete a sentence substituting "African-American" or "homosexual" or "Hispanic" for "kids with disabilities" of which you would not be ashamed or expect public censure, then don't say it!

When you get to the point where you not only don't say such stupid things anymore, but you actually don't believe them or think them, then we'll have made some progress...

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