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March 07, 2006


Kathy Hybl

Glad you brought this topic up. The problem is that many "disorders" (i.e., ADHD, bipolar disorder)share similar traits. I do think there is great deal of mislabeling. I had one parent recently tell me that her child with CP, who has shown remarkable improvement, was just recently dx has having HFA while another student that was dx with ADHD has now been classified as bipolar by the same doctor. How can we expect consensus among school personnel when the science and medical profession is still trying to figure it out. I think we need to worry less about the label but keep track of the behaviors and develop appropriate IEPs. Maybe all of these will be end up being connected - have you read the latest Geier report?

Rochelle Skolnick

Another resource for parents of bipolar kids is the Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation: http://www.bpkids.org
CABF has a number of publications about pediatric BPD for educators, including a very good pamphlet entitled "Educating the Child With Bipolar Disorder."
You are absolutely right to call attention to this particular diagnosis in the context of special education.

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