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March 30, 2006


Daunna Minnich

If some people begrudge an accommodation of extended time to students with certified disabilities, then maybe we should look for another way to level the playing field. Hmmm. Let's see...  How about we get rid of extra time for disabled students and instead impose handicaps such as blurring the text or pumping in background static noise on nondisabled test-takers so they, too, could enjoy slowed down processing time?

Sherry Hollis

I wonder what these people would think of schools who just about force children to have 'accomodations' for the mandated states testing?
A lot of children who have IEP's (and a lot of them who don't) get just about run over with accomodations because the school wants these kids to pass and make the school look 'good'. But, these same kids who have IEP's, they can't get these same accomodations on regular tests.

Sharon Rubin

Thanks for having this blog. I learned so much. I did not know that legislation is constantly being decided. I naively thought the ADA just covered all. The writing was very user friendly. I especially enjoyed the article by Lori Fox. I agree that you should trust yourself vs. what others are trying to convince you of. I also, enjoyed the tips of the month.

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