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February 16, 2006



I find this post and your site enlightening. I have had to file many noncompliance complaints with the state of CA. I for the life of me ask, why, when we have private evaluations, have done private tutoring and remedial services when we get to public school are told our kid is really ED and take a pill!
They lose her test files they just completed, daughter claims they redid same one, (why- so she will do better?), then take their sweet time at scheduling an IEP 4 months after the timeline closed, fail to comply with request to inspect and review records, destroy records without warning and before 3 years are up, the atrocities go on. So much back peddling. Great topic, you are doing many a great service.
I have been asked to go on TV and tell our story. Maybe with enough exposure the incompetants can be dumped out of office and turn this department around to what it says it is supposed to, to provide FAPE.

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