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February 13, 2006



Another very insightful blog Charlie, thank you!

Regina Thurston

My son is a senior in the chicago public school systems austic/cog. delay program. For the past 4 years I have gone to the school for many problems in particular educational issues. I have attended all of the IEP's and for some reason nothing on the IEP's have been followed year after year. He has received grades for classes he never had as well as for classes he had on his schedule. NO text book has ever been issued. I have been told by some of his teachers that they did not have the materials or books and that I could purchase books for them and my son. I even called Assistive Technology who went to the school and downloaded programs for my son. For some strange reason the programs kept coming up deleted. He has ESY again this summer. I really need to speak with someone who may be able to give me some information on what to do next.
Thank you

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