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February 03, 2006



Hi is there anyone out there with a kid with auditory processing disorder? If yes please let me know, I need to speak with you? I'm in California but even if you are elsewhere that's fine.

ify Agholor

i have a kid with autism.
i would be happy with any resources that would help

MG Massey

This is for Ms. Ann Gaydos, Ms. Price and those having the courage to bring to light how school systems around the country abuse the rights of disabled children. I was so very moved today by your testimony today May 19, 2009. God Bless You. You have validated everything I know to be true about negligent school systems that protect their own without regard for the rights of these our most vulnerable children. I would say Ms Gaydos that in some schol districts contacting CPS regarding abuse at schools can be a double edged sword. In our state, all county employees will as a rule protect each other. North Carolina needs a major investigation into abuse of these childrens rights, abuse of funding and how the constitutional rights to redress against grievance is often denied to these families. After all, unless one can afford an attorney, as you said, a school system can exhaust a parents resources.
Oftentimes, the familes and children experience backlash if they bring to light these abuses. I was told point blank that my son was moved to another school for "political reasons". We need a unilateral Federal Investigation into all aspects of how children with special needs are treated. Most especially how those children with Mental Health issues are injured both physically and emotionally.
Our story would take a tome the size of War and Peace to illuminate our points. I wish I had known of this congressional hearing. I would have walked to Washington , D.C. to be there simply to witness the truth that is finally coming out. To the ignorant congressman who suggested this is an "isolated incident" Vote the man out of office.
This never gets reported because too many who live in our counties and school districts off Federal school funding(administrators and teachers) would be found criminally negligent and of course guilty of murder. I cannot thank you all enough for saying what we have been saying in North Carolina for years and years.
My heart goes out to you all and God bless you for having the bravery to bring the truth to light.
The more I listen to this hearing, the more the I know our fight that continues to this day is a just and righteous one. If you will email me I will happily provide more information to MR Kutz and gladly help in any way that I am able.

Mari Verdin

I think all special needs teachers should pass a Psychological evaluation before allowing them to teach.

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