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February 03, 2006


Linda Weinert

This was actually the Cupertino Union School District, which is near San Jose. See:



I am familiar with this case as this happen in Cupertino school district which is known for hiring people off the street with minimal level of training as Therapist and educator. God bless the Iranian teacher aide who stood up and reported the abuse. The folks are rare and we all have to thank her many times to report these type of abuse. Secondly, the sad case about this is that the Teacher was offered a job in Northern CA, I believe the city of Eureka!!..I hope parents are aware and do their due diligence to make sure this teacher is out the door.

Vu A. Nguyen

Hi all,
I need help to look for the attorney to represent the case for my 9-years old autism son and his autism classmates, in San Jose, CA. These kids are abused by the school systems, two witnesses who are the school staffs reported to the authority and the school covered up these abuses. Please help and forward information to my email address: [email protected]; thank you very much for your helps.

Ann Gaydos

This is Ann Gaydos, Paige's mother (Paige is the girl who was abused in this case.) Thank you for the supportive comments! I too would like to thank the courageous aide. She endured terrible retaliation for her pains and has been badly hurt as a result. While at Cupertino Union School District, she held two meetings to discuss the mistreatment of children in my daughter's classroom. She was docked of her pay for time spent in the first; and, immediately after the second she was placed on administrative leave and told she'd be
fired if she spoke to parents! She was then offered a forced transfer to another school, which she said she would only accept if the teacher was fired. She resigned when the district refused her ulimatum. She says the teacher hit her on one occasion, lied about her, yelled at her repeatedly, and violently
snatched a book from her, causing a paper cut to her
hand. She can no longer take legal action against the district as her statute of limitations has expired (although the lawyers she has spoken to said she had an open and shut case.) She said she was terrified of the teacher and was afraid to go to work. When the
administration responded so aggressively to her, she
lost a lot of faith in humanity. She is a very kind person who did not deserve to be subjected to such a horrible ordeal. Every insight she had was in line with what my daughter's highly trained therapist at Stanford later concluded.

I feel responsible for her as it seems clear she lost her job and suffered abuse herself as a direct result of her efforts to protect my daughter. If anyone has any advice as to how I could help her at this late stage (perhaps she could be recommended for some award?) please let me know, either here or via email ([email protected]). Thank you.

Ann Gaydos

Mark Davis, CUSD's lawyer, claimed the verdict was
"not based on the evidence," to which I must respond that the evidence on our side was absolutely overwhelming. We produced 42 exhibits, while the
district couldn't produce a single one. Additionally, the district's key witnesses quickly discredited themselves by contradicting one another, the documented evidence, and their own testimony. None of the numerous and often contradictory stories they told explained the nature or location of my daughter's injuries. At times, the
defense was so completely absurd it seemed like that
skit from Monty Python's Flying Circus in which John
Cleese tries to explain to a pet shot owner that the
parrot he just bought is dead, while the pet shop
owner tries to deny the obvious truth. The jurors laughed a lot on such occasions, but they were nevertheless outraged by the case and were vehement and unanimous in their verdict.

The evidence was so strong that pundits were puzzled the case was allowed to go to trial. Prior to trial,
we would have settled for only our legal fees and
expenses on condition that the district made some reforms. It seems there was a runaway alliance between the district's lawyer, who probably had no objection to being paid for endless hours of futile work, and culpable administrations who felt no amount of public money was too much to squander on trying to cover up what they'd done. I feel there should be some public oversight of these cases so that the welfare of children trumps administrative self-interest.

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