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February 08, 2006


Susan Wolf

Seeing life through your eyes is always inspiring. You have great strength and will never know how many people derive strength through your words.

Patricia Felvey

Your perspective on party life is amazing! Although parents with special needs children come from all kinds of ecomonic and social backgrounds, it would seem the guests at these parties would be tired by now. Unfortunetly,not true. Your writings are incredible and a delight to read.

Sandy Alperstein

Lori, this is truly an amazing piece of writing! It brings into focus so many of the emotions surrounding parents of kids with disabilities! Bravo, and thanks for verbalizing what so many of us have felt over the years!

Charmaine Pietersen

As a teacher of learners with barriers, I thank you for reminding me time and time again of my purpose in life. Reading the pain, joy, frustration and hope in your words keeps me humble. God bless!

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