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February 10, 2006


Kelley A Foust

We are currently in negotiations with our school district to get our support dog into our school. Maybe this is a simplistic question but how is it that the school can deny what is defined as a durable medical device that is perscribe by a physican?


Are there laws that anywhere that support the use of the dogs? I am looking into the possibility of getting a support dog for my Aspeger's diagnosed son; but the school setting is where my son needs it the most. I am currently fighting them on just getting an IEP because they feel they are not obligated to provide one as long as he is passing.


Yes, there are laws that support service dogs. If they are certified and trained, they are to have access to all public places. This is a federal law. You can call the Department of Justice at 800-514-0301 for more information. Best of luck to you and your families.

henry Rajkowski

I am look for legal case that address the use of dogs in schools to assist students.

Please give me any references.

I am a certified cross categorical special education teacher. I have been taking my 9 year old collie to school to help with my students. She helps to deescalate them and there focus ability has been better. I was informed that there are rules against having a dog in the public school by another staff member. I am in a separate building with another class and my collie has been great for my students. I can't find any rules through WI dpi that states dogs are not allowed in school. I have my principal's permisssion to have my collie their. HELP-I had to tell the kids that Bailey, my dog, cannot come to school any more and they are very sad about it. Where do I start to find out the information I need and what I can do to get Bailey back into school?

Ed. See if you can not quietly rally the parents of the students in your class to rally around Bailey continuing in the class. I would also contact your union to make sure you are not subject to discipline in the worst case. I have sent your comment on to a friend and if she contact me back you can check back here for her email address. She is an advocate in WI. Best to you, your students and to Bailey.

Charlie Fox

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