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February 15, 2006



This article is limited in its viewpoint. Cochlear implants can be a wonderful tool but they are NOT a magic bullet. Each child differs in their language development and language and cognition cannot be separated. Why wouldn't you offer a child several tools to promote healthy cognitive development? To espouse that a law firm supports only one approach seems to take the I out of IEP.

Chaotic Mom

I didn't quite get that from this article, but I DO agree that each child is VERY different in needs and abilities. My oldest CI boy was diagnosed and implanted later, but now fully oral and mainstreamed. My youngest CI boy may have additional disabilities. While the CI helps him receptively, he may need serious therapy for his speech, for a long time. And may need it augmented with sign or PECS, too.

I think the CIs are amazing for most, but also unmask other issues that a child may have, that would have otherwise been attributed to his deafness alone.

Interesting. ;)

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