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January 27, 2006


Sherry Hollis

(This is all true!!)
1.When you make a written request for initial eval and the sped director has you to sign consent form for an SST assesment instead, and he knows that SST assesment can't be used to determine sped eligibility. And you don't know the difference in the two consent forms.
2.When school doesn't tell you about IDEA laws, makes you think the SST assesment IS the initial eval for sped eligibility, so you won't find out there IS an initial eval for sped eligibility.
3.When you request for an initial eval for sped eligibility and sped director tells you your child has to 'already' be in special ed to have this done.
4.When you request to have initial eval for sped eligibility, and the person says they don't decide if this should be done. Then you call state and ask them, and state tells you SST coordinator makes the decision. Then you find out SST coordinator is the same person who told you they don't make the decision. Plus, the state doesn't tell you that YOU can request an initial eval for sped eligibility yourself.
5.When you file a state complaint cause school didn't respond to your request for IEE, and state tells you that you can't request IEE because the testing the school did wasn't initial eval for sped eligibility, it was only an SST assesment.
6.School never tells you that SST assesment is NOT the same as initial eval for sped, and they make you think it is.
7.When you file state complaints with 8 IDEA violations, send state 64 documents proving all the things school did wrong, and state still says school is 'in compliance'
8.When you ask state to send you copies of all documents the school sent to state for your complaint, and state sends you mostly BLANK documents!
9.When sped director says he'll think about your IEE request when you give him a 'good enough reason' for requesting it.
10.When school tells you the child HAS to go thru the SST process first, and never tells parents they can request initial eval for sped eligiblity themselves WITHOUT having to go thru the SST process at all.


Dennis McCarron

Your school district might be a pain if they employ one special ed teacher for every four to five hundred students. Or if they identify approximately seven percent of the students as having learning disabilities. Or if they tell a parent whose child is two to three years behind in reading levels in elementary school that their child is doing just fine.


you are so not even close to funny.
i mean really, not even close. this is the worst attempt at funny i have ever seen.

i know you will not post this, because this is not a true 'blog'
But i have to tell you... this is the worst, rather watch pant dry website i have ever seen...
also, you have not a clue what you are talking about.

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