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January 30, 2006



Good heads up Charlie!

Mary Burger

My husband and I have 3 children gifted with dyslexia. ages, 20,18,15.
they have :
1.diagnosis in 1995 at major hospital
2.diagnosis 2005 .
3.A superior I.Q.
4.parents provided private
5.high achievers.
6.daughter went from G.P.A. of 4.0 down to:3.57
(since due process hearning,with the outcome ,once more .Not eligible.Why? because they have Excellent grades ,excellent
behavior,respected by
teachers and community
throughout the school years.
7.excellent students and citizens.
8.son is an Eagle Scout,daughters honor society, treasure of her class.does mission work tutors peers : with chemistry,phisics and calculus.
The three of these young adults were born with a mission.
Our son dreamed of serving our Government, he realized ,in the real world,this is not a reality, for one with a Forth Grade Reading Level.Or one that claims to be illiterate. He is one of many unknowns
that only can dream how it feels to relax with a great Novel.
He was denied special testing on the A.C.T. test. The school would not sign or approve. (even though students are given all the time needed for testing in class."Which leads to lose of educational oppertunity in post secondary years. They don't grade on spelling. wouldn'give proper english course.
The day came, A.C.T. day. He came in the door ,looked down "said, well, "I couldn't read the story problems in addition fast enough to show my ability in calculus.
.Humbled with what some call a disability, this is the gift.

this is discrimination,ignorance and a shame. The power our school has ,is dibilitating to those without it.
Our daughter will graduate this year. The college that has excepted her, is waiting for her A.C.T. score.
17 was her last score. Our son was fortunate, A engineering school excepted him on the spot while visiting the school. They didn't view the score ,untill accomidations were requested.He was and is fortunate,This University has been a God send for him.They hadn't had this situation in the past.They called the ADA and had him approved. Informed the proffesors and much more.
Will our daughters have access to show their ability. Or will ?
I can't even imagine what, the later may be.
Mary Burger
[email protected]

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