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January 20, 2006


Peggy Lou Morgan

We have experienced retaliation for advocacy in a different way. The school speech therapist called me a couple of weeks into the year and warned me that my son's self esteem was at risk. To make a long story short I went to the special ed director to complain. Almost two weeks later just before bus time a uniform officer and protective services worker showed up at my door. There was a child abuse complaint by the teacher. It was determined to be unfounded but put us through a month of torture waiting to see what the agency would determine. I have heard of similar situations to mine and the one you share all over the world in email from my website. Thanks for pointing our this situation.

Charles Fox

For more information on retaliation check out: http://www.sacramentolda.org/observer/obs14/retaliat.htm


After advocacy I began getting phone calls from teacher that my son was "in the office" for misbehaving. Yet, each time I'd ask what he did, I wasn't given a concrete answer. Soon, it became, we need to evaluate your son for emotional problems caused by home stress. What home stress? I asked. I was never answered.

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