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January 16, 2006



Our school won't let our educational experts and our Son's Doctor who is a leading expert our son's issue observe the class room they want him to attend. Harmful effects could occur is he is placed in the school they want him in. The experts say he could regress. The school won't listen. Due process here we come!

John Tenny, Ph.D.

The observation process can be made more objective and reduce the conflict caused by observer bias and judgments. Approaching the issue by collaboratively identifying the observable behavior (how long or how many times did xxxx occur) and then (in high conflict situations) selecting a neutral third party to collect the data can provide the basis for useful discussions and decision making.
After a career of observing classrooms, I developed software to support this approach. Please see my blog and other info on my site: www.ecove.net

Bob Crabtree

FYI, special ed advocates have just succeeded in having Massachusetts adopt a legislative provision that estblishes a clear right for parents and experts to observe special education programs and proposed programs and limits school districts to imposing only those conditions that are necessary to protect the safety and confidentiality of students or the integrity of the program(s) being observed. It will appear as Chapter 363 of the Acts of 2008 in Massachusetts and will become effective 90 days after signing, or January 8, 2009.

Bob Crabtree


Can someone please help me. Last week, a girl told my son that she wishes him death. I asked his homeroom teachers to please removed him/her to another desk and where they can not reach each other. That afternoon, she called back and said that she would take care of the matter. We also discussed some other issues for what she never has any straight answers. The only thing that she keeps repeating is that my nine year old needs to be responsible. Which I do agree with the later statement. I showed up at the school yesterday and today to observe the class the whole day since his grades all of the sudden had fallen. In one of the classes he only had two test recorded for the whole six week grading period. However in the other class, he had only three assignments two of which where missing. Anyways, this is a long story and I will try to shorten it. We called the home room teacher because first of all I wanted to know how come that he had a grade missing and that I did not know anything about it. My son kept telling me that he did that in class and that he had graded his test and he had made a hundred but yet there was no grade. Sure enough, we found the test. While on the phone with his teacher, she was quick to point out that my son was at fault for not returning the test after grading it himself. I like to take this moment to mention that she is always in a rush and tell my and my husband that she has to pick up her baby, her husband is away and that she doesn't have anyone to take care of her baby. So, she rushes us out of the phone and never tell us any thing about our son in her class. I suspect that she missplaced my son's other missing test. Still he end up studying for a new test because of all this. When we were in her classroom looking for our son's material she was not there and her classroom was in absolute disorganization. I also suspect that the statements and assertions about my sons are unfounded. In addition to all that, my husband and I are never able to schedule a conference or meeting because of her baby. She wants it to be on her time. She is insensitive to the fact that other people have lives too and she is not the only one raising a child. I went to all of his classes yesterday and today and observed all day. I discovered that my son is actually doing everything he is supposed to do and more however just as any other he gets distracted but not enough to call it a problem. Number two the girl that dislikes him still seats in front and behind two of his classes. She also seats in very close proximity of my son in his home room teacher free to abuse him any time the teacher is recording grades. I also discover that in his social studies class another girl bullies him continually. She turns completely around and shushes my son as she is the teacher every other second. The teacher is oblivious or I would like to think so because this happens both time while she was grading papers. That same girl also tried to hit him Monday but missed. I was proud of my son for not hurting any of these girls but I was also about to cry because I witness the abuse that he has experienced for month and he has taken all this in. My son has been continually begging me to home school him for the past two or three months. First, I have no real communication with his teacher, my son's safety in the classroom is not their problem neither are his grades. BTW, the reason why they did not have many grades for this period is because they have been practicing TCAPS for quite a while. They are still practicing TCAPS. His teachers are recording grades for their practices. The school said today, that the principal may have a problem with me being in the classroom. The principal had been sick and I did not know. I really believe that if you know your subject and you have thought all the skill you don't need a review pack. A review pack is good but they should not be reviewing this for months. I called the principal and explained the situation of why I was there. I asked again for my son to be moved away from those girls. Right now,I just want to protect my son but I can't.

P.S I think one of the girls is a little dangerous, she looks normal but at the same time seems to have some type of mental problem. She is in a bad mode, sleepy, and want to hit/slap my son.

I am sorry if I misspeled words, its really early and I have not being able to sleep due to this stress.


My wife recently had observed my son's RSP and regular classroom setting. She was limited to 20 mins. Is that legal? The school said it was there policy. My wife asked for the policy via e-mail and did not get a response.

Ed. IDEA is not clear on this subject but more and more states are adopting rules on this subject of observation. If your state has such a law, 20 minutes would seem to be insufficient. BTW Illinois has a law regarding observations for more than a year now.

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