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November 29, 2005


Daunna Minnich

Thank you, Cole, for your important message. People who are not touched by disability have a hard time understanding the difficulties you and other kids with disabilities face. Your parents undoubtedly know that you work harder for everything you achieve, and that your quiet victories are sweeter than the heartily-applauded achievements of peers who sail through school and life.

At your next IEP meeting, you might want to ask the team to brainstorm ways to bring about more frequent and more meaningful interaction between you and other students at school. In life, you will always encounter people who hesitate to talk with you because they don't know how to reach out and discover what you and they have in common. It seems to me that, the older you get, the more it will become your job to reach out to others. If you feel you need to learn how to invite others into your life, then bring it up at the IEP meeting. Not only would meaningful interaction be good for you, it would be good for other students, who need to shed their ignorance and discover there's a person inside you--and inside every human being on earth. If students graduate from school without learning this lesson ("A Person Is Inside"), then surely they cannot be said to be adequately educated.

George Ackron

Great truth! Never Give up!
Your parents love you so much and God loves you even more!

Karen Emory

Dear Cole Issac,

I like what you wrote. You sound like someone I would like to know. I hope some day my Cole will write about his feelings too. I hope you write again so
I can learn more about you.

Karen,mother of Cole Edmund

Patricia Felvey

Dear Cole:
Although we have not yet met, I feel like I know you through your Dad and Mom. I'm not sure there are parents anywhere in the world that are prouder of you than they are! You brought tears to my eyes in your expressions of how the world outside your home perceives you. My granddaughter, Kylie, is also physically challenged and has experienced what you have. Through tremendous help from your Dad, Kylie has become a strong advocate for herself also and is trying hard to "teach" the teachers and her peers that there is, as you put it, "A Person Inside". I know that your comments were not easy to say and I am very proud of you for having the courage to express your feelings. I strongly believe that it was a giant step for you personally, and it will encourage and inspire other children to know that it's okay to let people know how you feel! As of today, in my book, you have become the president of the "A Person Inside" club and I will look forward to more of your insight and widsom!

kylie felvey

Dear Cole,

I know how you feel! I am sixteen and your dad worked on my case. Kids at school look at me weird, but they don't know that I'm probably smarter then them. I, too have an aid. She just helps me with the physical part of my school day. The few people who know me well enough say that I am very smart and have a sense of humor. My friends treat me as like any other kid. I wish good luck to you!
Kylie Mae

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