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October 31, 2005


Nancy  Salberg

Our children should not be forced to take such awful, mind altering immunizations. I have been doing lots of research and have found that not only is there mercury in some vaccines, but also cancer
cells. What is the need to vaccinate for the flu or chicken pox, we have all experianced these. It just builds our immune systems. How come there are no reported Ammish children with Autism?(THEY DON'T IMMUNIZE!) Why does everybody look down on parents who actually are looking out for the health of their children? People need to stop being sheep and do their research.

Tiffany Clausing

I agree that there is really no good reason to immunize our children. My kids have never been immunized and are healthier than most kids I know. People wonder why their children get the flu or unexplained illnesses 10 times throughout the year. Stop overloading their system with junk!

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