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October 07, 2005



I don't really have a comment so much as a question. I am currently fighting with my local school district concerning my daughter who has epilepsy and her medication. She is supposed to get medication every day (2 pills) at 1pm, the school is refusing to give it because the nurse is shared between 3 schools and leaves my daughter's school at 11:30. The administrator is not willing to take responsibility. I have talked to several people in the district and they all tell me my only options are either: Change her medications times, arrange for someone to come to the school and give it, or send her to a different school in the district that has a full time nurse. The school with the full time nurse is where all the "medically fragile" students attend.
As her mother, I choose not to send her there for several reasons, first of all it is the WORST school in the district and secondly, I feel that it is discrimination to make her go there. She is currently on 5 and in Kindergarten, but at some point she will wonder why all her friends from the neighboorhood go to one school and she has to go to another, ect..

I was just hoping to get some guidance on this issue. Any advice would be wonderful!


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