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September 29, 2005


Patricia Felvey

I can't begin to say how impressed I am with this endeavor! Being a parent of a special needs child and going through a Due Process Hearing, if only your invaluable information had been available years ago, it would have saved not only heart break and stress but armed me with the knowledge that would have strengthened my position many times over. In particular, the areas of "Tools for Becoming an Advocate" and "Schools Excuses for Lack of Progress" were extremely helpful. Also, the comments regarding having a male included in the IEP's or school meetings makes perfect sense. I would encourage any parent to benefit from you knowledge. Your "Blog" is amazing and will be read on a regular basis. Thank you, thank you! Patricia

George Ackron

Charlie: Not everyone that advocates for special needs children are liberal!

Don't turn your blog into a liberal rag please!

Justic Roberts will be a fine CJ.

Charles Fox

George: I am happy to be wrong about Justice Roberts. His comments during his testimony and track record and those of other conservative judges animates my comments, not ideology. Bottom line, I am thrilled that you expressed your views in the spirit of free sharing of perspectives. Rest assured, I will never turn the blog into a rag for any political view but will present thoughtful analysis based upon data, case law, etc. I know you and I will always stay focused on the child's best interests and hope he will too.

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