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September 23, 2005


Sandy Alperstein

Great summary of IDEA 2004, Charlie! Critical information summarized in a parent-friendly format. Thanks!!

Sandy Alperstein
Volunteer Co-Webmaster, Our Children Left Behind (http://www.ourchildrenleftbehind.com)

Janet Mroz

What about children that are privately placed, have an IEP, and the private school is not in the resident's school district? I understand that it is dependent on the funds of the non-resident school district. There is a service plan and there is no way a parent can voice concern regarding the lack of services, except for a letter of complaint. What if the child is dually enrolled and wants to get the services from the resident school district? How many hours must the child attend the public school? What if a child is home schooled? How many hours must they be home schooled? What are the requirements to home school a child in the State of Illinois? Any information provided would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Netta Anderson

This is wonderful.

Nora Hipskind

The information is helpful, but I too have questions about privately placed students. I have 3 children enrolled at a private school who receive services through district 205. I have been told by the assistant superintendant of special services that privately placed students will no longer be receiving OT and social work, and that all IEPs of privately placed students will be converted to service plans. Is this legal? What can I do to change this?


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